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The artworks selected for display in this gallery - the COLORWORKS GALLERY - reveal a relatively unknown aspect of Judith Liberman's art. Better known for her work dealing with the human condition, such as the HOLOCAUST series, the VIETNAM paintings and the HOMO SAPIENS series (see Judith Liberman's HOLOCAUST/JUDAICA GALLERY and her MANKIND GALLERY), the paintings in this gallery, the COLORWORKS GALLERY, express Judith Liberman's more colorful, decorative side. These paintings include both figurative and abstract works. Represented are the WOMEN series, the INTERIORS series, the BOATS series etc. What gives the COLORWORKS GALLERY a measure of cohesiveness despite its diversity of subject matter and approach is that saturated color plays a key role in all the paintings. Judith Liberman has always used color expressively. The full palette of colors used in these paintings expresses a joyous outlook.

Judith Liberman

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