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As you can see this is not an ordinary harp [if there is such a thing] and certainly not an ordinary small harp. Its soundboard is wide and its voice is deep and bright at the same time. We've eliminated all those tinkly little notes at the top of the usual lap/travel/healing harp and in just 23 strings take you down to C below middle C with spacing the same as our large harps.

Lightweight [6 to 8 lbs depending on wood choice and hardware] it is equipped with state of the art 'anti-grav' devices to make it a true weightless, lapless lapharp [see portfolio for details] [and picture above]. There is also a choice of voices with two different sound board materials; sycamore or sassafrass.

And, for the very first time, thanks to the latest in pickup technology, we can offer this harp in an acoustic-electric version. Unlike other electric harps that offer an approximation of the sound of the instrument at a stunning price and fragile complexity, ours has real sound and simple single pickup. Its terrific for recording, too. And it can be cordless ... Rock and Roll.

The very best thing about this is that the prices start at $1200 [for our PRICES go to the mis-named 'Artists Page' in the upper left corner]. And for a quick link to our email go back to the harpmakers.com page.

For an easily toted instrument that may shame your big harp with its sound and an acoustic-electric option that allows you to play at any volume in any circumstance [hey, "Purple Haze" is no longer beyond you] I think the Black Mountain is pretty cool.

This just in. According to an informal poll of the participants of the harp tastings at the Sommerset Folk Harp Fest, our Black Mountain was consistantly rated in the top three, against larger instruments. Our five octave in the top two.

Anyone who would like a free sample CD of the Black Mountain. Just send us your mailing address and its yours. A full length CD 'Quiet Garden' played on the five octave 'Alea' by Shawn Ruby Drain is also available for $10.

David Drain
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David Drain

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